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Basic Easy Cage
This cage I also call the "hardware store cage" because you can find all the 'ingrediants' at your local hardware store. It is fairly cheap to make but very sturdy and safe. It is also totally customizable and gives you the flexibility to make it as big as you can handle or afford.

plastic under bed box
$4 to $15 dollars depending on size

The first thing you will need is a tray for your cage to hold bedding/litter and to make the first floor of your cage. You can use a plastic inderbed storage box. These have good height on the sides forkeeping the bedding in but are still short enough for a good view. They are very easy to clean.They also come in various sizes.

You can also use Coroplast, which is corrogated plastic that looks similar to corrogated cardboard. It is water proof and can be cut to allmost any size you want. It is usually found at sign shops. It is not very sturdy though.

Coroplast, corrogated plastic
price varies

metal closet shelving, white
price varies depending on size

For the sides and possibly top you will need metal closet shelving found at hardware stores.It comes in various widths and lenghts. and you can different bar spacings.  Measure all 4 sides of your tray (see above). The hardware store will usually cut to size. You can also have the front piece cut in thirds so you can make a door.

plastic cable ties, or ZIPties
very good deal, a huge amount of these is around $10

Attach your sides together with plastic cable ties. These are tough and hold the cage together well but are easy to cut if you need to take the cage apart.

If you make your top from the shelving as well and want the top to open you can use these to attach it at the back ( loosely) and use bungee cords to hold the front. If you dont want it to open use on all 4 sides.
You can also use the plastic lid from your under bed box but it makes the cage a bit dark.

an example of a small finished cage

another finished cage
used white closet shelving

To make shelves for this cage, or replacement shelves for your own cage you can use plastic egg_crate. It is found in the lighting department of most hardware stores. It is thick, but has holes and is easy to wash.

plastic egg-crate
it is also about 1/4 in thich so little paws wont slip through