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Cabinet Cage

Here is an easy cabinet cage to build.

Cabinet Cages
fun, easy, looks like furniture.

 This is my newest cage, and my favorite so far. My husband got these two cabinites free of charge and we immediatly thought CAGE!!! He cut the doors in half and then cut holes in the center of each door. We attached hardware cloth to the doors and also put latches on them to keep them shut.  We then permanatly attached a shelf in the middle of each cabinet to divide the cages.
Then I took a good look at the dollar store and found these plastic corner shelves and arranged them in the cage to climb and play on. The girls cage have hanging baskets and ropes that I made as well. The boys have similar decorations except they have hammocks instead of baskets. Plexiglass is used in the front of the shelf to keep the bedding in for the most part.  
 Decorating your cage is the most fun. You can use most bird toys, ropes, ladders, plastic bins, bowls and baskets. You can make hammocks and sleeping bags. You can use paper rolls from paper towels, tiolet paper, gift wrap etc. There is no end to the toys and decorations you can find at dollar stores, and around your house. A good thing to keep in mind is if it would be safe for a baby to chew on, or a puppy, it probably will be safe for ratteis. No small parts that could be choked on.

inside of the girls cage

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