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Hi and Welcome to my newly updated and hopefully improved rat page. I have had rats as pets for about 20 years. I hope you can learn to love and admire these very intelligent and sweet rodents.
I had gotten a little burned out on rats for a while and after my last two big old boys died I thought I was done for a bit. However I didn't realize how much I would miss the little ones and did a bad thing, I got a couple of baby boys from a petstore that I knew was bad the second I walked in.
These two boys turned out to be my Rufus a spotty black and white top eared bundle of fun, and Dunkan a himi dumbo who is totally laid back. Things were going great, they had tamed down and were the sweetest and most fun rats I have had in a long time. Unfortunatly Rufus developed the dreaded head tilt., we think it was an ear infection, the least damaging (sometimes) of the three things it could have been. He got medicated thanks to a great friend and has recovered as much as he can. He is still a little tippy someitmes and his head retains a bit of a tilt but it hasn't changed his wonderful personality.
When my two boys were a few months old I had GMR ( which stands for get more rats). A great breeder Amy here in Colorado had three boys who were looking for a home, they are Dudly, Roscoe, and Dexter, all three look alike, himi or siamese top eared boys. They are sweet as well and are so active and friendly.
They are also great friends with Rufus and Dunkan.
These pages have lots of advice pictures and the like so enjoy and leave a comment!



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